The Certified Sugar Administration Specialist Exam Has Been Updated

Every year we refresh the certification exams to ensure that we’re testing based on the most current concepts as well as the most current product information. The updated exams are written based on the latest version of the product. What does this mean for those that are already enrolled/registered for an old exam once the updated exam is published?  

  • If you are enrolled/registered for an old exam at the time that the new exam is published, we will give you time to complete the exam.  
  • A cutoff date will be announced for the old exam. 
  • Once the cutoff date has passed the old exam will be archived.  
  • After the cutoff, if you are still enrolled/registered for an old exam you will be automatically moved to the new exam.  

We've updated the Certified Administrator Specialist Exam to reflect v.12.0. For more details, please click here and you’ll be taken to the exam’s certification page. The cutoff date for the old Administrator exam is July 15, 2022.