How Sugar Market & Sugar Sell Work Together Course is now Live on SugarU!

The SugarU team has launched a new course that provides basic training on how Sugar Market and Sugar Sell work together.  Sugar Market is our Marketing Automation Platform that integrates seamlessly with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, Sugar Sell.  This course should be taken if you are interested in learning more about how to:

  • Use Sugar Market to generate leads and push them to Sugar Sell
  • Follow a lead through a sales cycle to a closed sales deal in Sugar Sell
  • Explain how Sugar Market uses Sugar Sell data again to market new campaigns

If you are a user of neither or one of these products, this course will provide an overview of how purchasing these products could be helpful to your organization by streamlining your processes and providing transparency that is essential for internal collaboration.

These tools work together to provide a complete customer view so your team can successfully market, sell, and maintain customer relationships.  Click the image below to access this course: