New Course: How to Configure Sugar Sell


This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to configuring Sugar Sell for administrators. Emphasis is a practical application of how admins should configure Sugar Sell to meet their business needs.

In this course we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Sugar Sell Overview
  • Adding Users, Teams, and Roles
  • Setting up System Settings
  • Configuring Existing and New Modules
  • Importing Records into Modules
  • Enabling Forecasting
  • Configuring Console Management 

Intended Audience:

Sugar Sell Administrators

Sugar Sell Mangers


How to Request Your Sugar Training Instance for the Practice Labs

Lesson 1:  Understanding a High-Level Overview of Sugar Administration Functionality

Lesson 2: Using SugarCloud Insight

Lesson 3: Adding Users, Teams, and Roles

Lesson 4: Configuring Sugar System Settings

Lesson 5: Setting Up Outbound Email

Lesson 6: Configuring Existing Sugar Modules

Lesson 7: Creating a New Sugar Module

Lesson 8: Configuring Tile View

Lesson 9: Importing Records

Lesson 10: Enabling Forecasting

Lesson 11: Configuring Console Management

Lesson 12: Adding Business Centers

Lesson 13: Closing & Wrap-up

You can register for our new course by clicking on the image below: