Ordering Product Categories - To show in desired order within the Product Catalogue Dashlet

I am currently working on an internal project where we are required to re-categorise most of our Product Catalogue records. Part of this work requires me to create new Product Categories. 

I have read the following article regarding the field 'Order' and have entered a number against each Category that I would like to be re-ordered. 


Unfortunately, this order field is not applicable to the dashlet 'Product Catalogue' on the right of the screen grab below, as it still lists the categories alphabetically. 

Is it possible to explain what this 'Order' field is intended for? Article I have linked to above refers to:

Order Enter a number to specify the order in which this category will appear in the Product Category dropdown list

Can there be a feature/enhancement request so that the Product Catalogue dashlet looks at the order field? This dashlet is quite useful on the Quotes/Orders module when putting quotes together and therefore would be beneficial to all users.

My work around for this is to append each category name so that they appear in the dashlet in the order we require them in (not alphabetically).