Sugar Sell Q3 2021 is Live

SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Sell Q3 2021.

In the video below, Clare Evans Dorrian (Chief Marketing Officer), Zac Sprackett (Senior Vice President of Product Management), and I discuss key, recently introduced features across the entire Sugar customer experience landscape:

Highlights of Sugar Sell Q3 2021 include the following feature updates: 

  • SugarLive is now available in Sugar Sell: SugarLive is an omnichannel tool that deeply integrates with Amazon Connect to let sales agents call and chat in real time with their leads and contacts. SugarLive saves the call and chat data in Sugar and lets the user continue working with their Sugar data while interacting with the customer or prospect. An Amazon Connect instance is required.
    • SugarLive is available in the footer and pops up automatically when using click-to-call.
    • When you accept or initiate a session, the SugarLive view opens including a panel allowing you to search for, view, and update records relevant to the customer.
    • A call or message record is created for each completed conversation to track the communication.

  • SugarPredict sentiment analysis: For instances with call transcripts set up for SugarLive conversations, sentiment analysis can now be performed on SugarLive calls. Add the Agent Sentiment and Customer Sentiment fields to the Calls module layouts in Studio to see SugarPredict icons that represent the agent's and customer's positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.
  • Action Buttons: Admins can now add custom buttons to records so that users can perform quick actions like sending an email, creating or editing a related record, or opening an external web page right from a given record view layout. Implemented through a new field type in Studio (ActionButton) and configurable with Sugar Logic, Action Buttons will save users time and clicks by serving up common actions right where they need them.
  • Timeline dashlet (formerly "Interactions"): The Interactions dashlet has been revamped and renamed "Timeline". The Timeline dashlet shows a chronological list of a record's related activities along with selected updates made to the current record. Context-aware actions can also be accessed from directly within the dashlet, such as replying to or forwarding an email, unlinking activities, and drilling down via Focus drawers.
  • Review the Sugar Sell Release Notes to learn more about all of the new features and enhancements in this release, as well as additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar

Customers will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the SugarCloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy as this release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for customers hosted on SugarCloud. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers. 

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

To learn more about this release, please review the following content: 

Sugar Q3 2021 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated with this release:

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