Your one-stop source for all Sugar Q3 2021 (11.1.0) technical resources

SugarCloud customers using Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional be getting upgraded to Sugar 11.1.0 in the coming weeks.

We held a developer webinar a few weeks ago which has all the details. Youu can find the Recording and Slides in the Event Recaps section.

A couple key highlights:

  • Documents module has been migrated to Sidecar!
  • SugarLive is now available in Sell!
  • ActionButtons FTW!

For Sugar Developers working on the new product releases, we've prepared a Sugar 11.1.0 (Q3 0221) Customization Guide over in our Dev Tutorials section.

You can also now find Sugar 11.1.0 builds over in the Developer Builds group!