Sugar Sell Q2 2022 is Live

SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Sell Q2 2022.

In the video below,  (Chief Technology Officer),  (Senior Product Marketing Manager), and I discuss key, recently introduced features across the entire Sugar customer experience landscape:

Highlights of Sugar Sell Q2 2022 include the following feature updates across all Sell Editions:

  • Forecast Improvements: The Forecasts module has an improved user experience, including updates to the look and feel, giving sellers and sales managers the ability to make individual and team commits, and the ability for sellers to clearly see their changes on the seller forecast worksheet. This all leads to improved visibility for everyone into more accurate sales forecasts.

  • Dropdown Classification for Sales Stage: Admins can now classify sales stages (e.g., "Prospecting") as "Open", "Closed Won", or "Closed Lost" to better control the intended meaning of stock and custom sales stages for your business processes, increasing accuracy of pipeline reporting through this no-code customization.

  • List View Enhancements
    • Pagination Improvements: Pagination controls have been added to lists in Sugar (e.g., list views, subpanels), allowing users to clearly see which records are being shown on the current page, navigate through the list of records easily, and jump to any other page from the current page thereby accelerating the user’s ability to find a specific record. The selection of records in the list view now shows users the number of selected records across pages making working with selections much more intuitive.
    • Freeze First Column: Users now have the option to freeze the first column of data on a list view making it easier to maintain the context and record name when scrolling through the other columns in a list. The frozen column is sticky per user per list view.
    • Frozen Header Row: List view headers remain frozen while scrolling so users can easily keep the context of the data when reading through a list of search results. The space available for filters is now capped and will scroll as to not crowd the list view.
  • Cloud Drive Integration: The Cloud Drive dashlet lets users access and interact with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive files from any dashboard in Sugar.
  • DocuSign Integration: We’ve made some improvements for Sugar customers who use DocuSign to manage electronic signatures. Users can now send documents such as quotes and contracts for signature directly from within Sugar. Signature status and the signed documents are maintained with their originating Sugar records, providing an uninterrupted workflow.

  • Sugar Hint Improvements in Sugar Sell:
    • Sugar Hint Built Into Sugar: Customers who use Sugar Hint will no longer need to install a separate module loadable package as the functionality has been built into Sugar's codebase.
    • Improved Sugar Hint Data in APAC: For Sugar Sell Advanced customers with Hint or Sugar Sell Premier customers hosted in the Asia/Pacific region, your service will connect with the Hint backend services located in that region for faster results.
  • Sugar Market Fields Added to Leads and Contacts: "Lead Score" and "Interest Prediction Score" have been added to lead and contact records and are synced from Market to Sugar Sell via the Market-side sync settings.
  • Introducing Sugar Maps: Sugar Sell Premier users or Sugar Sell Advanced users with an additional license can now view records on content-rich, interactive maps right in Sugar. Users can plot driving directions, filter records by proximity to a zip code, or record, share and export mapped data.
  • Review the Sugar Sell Release Notes to learn more about all of the new features and enhancements in this release, as well as additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar

Customers will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the SugarCloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy as this release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for customers hosted on SugarCloud. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers.

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

To learn more about this release, please review the following content:

Sugar Q2 2022 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated with this release:

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  • Thanks for the feedback! Everyone worked really hard on this release to make it great!

    1. Are you wondering if a company could stop using the Documents module and instead use OneDrive or Google Drive to hold and manage all their documents in Sugar? I haven't considered that before, but it is an interesting idea.To my knowledge, we haven't considered this use case for Cloud Drive yet, so I am hesitant to make any recommendation. My instinct is that there would be many features of the Documents module that you would lose by using a cloud drive instead. For example, you would not be able to relate documents to other records. I suppose you could set your Cloud Drive dashlet to open certain folders for certain modules, but that still seems like a less flexible solution in Cloud Drive's current state. 

    2. Cloud Drive is not an official integration with Sharepoint, though that is a request we have heard before. What Cloud Drive does allow you to do is access files in Sharepoint that have been shared with you directly. For example, if I have access to a Sugar Sharepoint site that contains a file FileA.docx, I do not see FileA.docx in my Cloud Drive dashlet. But, if I clicked the Share button on that file and typed in my user name to share the file with me, FileA.docx would become visible in my Cloud Drive dashlet when Shared With Me is selected. This has to do with how Microsoft handles files on their end in that files that are shared with you show up in your OneDrive file. Again, this is not an official Sharepoint integration, but the Cloud Drive dashlet does gives users access to Sharepoint files that have been shared with them. 

    I hope that helps!

  • Great work! I happy to see the continued UX/UI evolutions, especially on list views. I still need to be sold on the hidden action buttons of subpanels, but the rest is nice. 

    I am curious about Cloud Drive: 

    1. Can this totally replace the out of the box document management? Some of our customers would rather store their files in a unique, centralise ECM platform and, also, avoid paying for Sugar storage
    2. I see mentions of OneDrive in the docs. Does Cloud Drive work with Sharepoint?