Nearly everything you need to know about the Q1 2022 Release

Hello Sugar Developers!

We have another release for you with new features and fixes! We are calling this one Sugar Q1 2022 (or Sugar 11.3.0). This release is for cloud customers only.

SugarCloud customers using Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional will be getting upgraded to Sugar 11.3.0 in the coming weeks.

We held a developer webinar a few weeks ago which has all the details. You can find the Recording and Slides in the Event Recaps section.

A couple key highlights:

  • New Admin Landing Page
  • Modernized User Interface
  • New and Improved Charts
  • CSV in Scheduled Reports
  • Opps Forecast & Forecasted Likely
  • Lead Conversion RLIs
  • Enhanced User Utilities
  • Dropdown Based RV Layout

For Sugar Developers working on the new product releases, we've prepared a Sugar 11.3.0 (Q1 2022) Customization Guide over in our Dev Tutorials section.

You can also now find Sugar 11.3.0 builds over in the Developer Builds group!

For all the Admin and End User details, please visit the Sugar 11.3.0 Release Notes on the Support site.