Sugar Market Release 22.15 is Now Available!

Feature Enhancements

The following features have been deployed in release 22.15 of Sugar Market:

  • Email Builder 2.0 improvements:
    • Automatic scroll to fit for element settings: When clicking an element to access its settings options, the screen will automatically scroll to ensure the settings are not displayed off-screen.
    • Default column transparency: Columns will now be transparent by default to prevent elements added within a column from being unexpectedly hidden. 
    • Missing unsubscribe link alert: If your email does not include an unsubscribe link an alert will be displayed in the Confirm step of Email Builder 2.0.

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of Sugar Market. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about these issues:

  • 88919: Text margin size in Email Builder 2.0 is not displayed correctly in email providers when viewed on a mobile device.
  • 90673: Default roles functionality is compromised when the description of a default role is edited.
  • 90655: User interface labels in Form Builder are displayed incorrectly for users with their preferred language set to English (UK).
  • 90665: Sample, Optimized, and Combined group tabs fail to display in the Advanced A/B Dashboard Dashlet.

Sugar Market Release Notes

More information on Sugar Market:

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