Sugar Market 24.9 is Now Live!

The Sugar Market 24.9 release includes the following enhancements and fixed issues:

Feature Enhancements

  • Improved email builder user interface: The user interface for one-click unsubscribe in the email builder has been improved for easier setup.
  • Guarded Watch has been renamed to Unsubscribed Contacts And Leads: Guarded Watch has been renamed to Unsubscribed Contacts And Leads throughout Sugar Market.
  • Deprecation of the Unsubscribe Page: The Unsubscribe page has been deprecated and replaced by the Preference page. The "Include Unsubscribe Link" option in the email builder now links to the Preference page, and existing links in draft emails will also redirect to the Preference page.

Fixed Issues

  • 95039: Leads cannot be created manually or via form submission for some customers.
  • 94992: When an event is duplicated, the new sessions created from the duplicated event incorrectly send event trigger email templates from the original event.
  • 94629: Lead creation and alerts on form submission fail for some customers with large amounts of lead records.
  • 94331: Auto deletion reports fail to delete records.
  • 94081: The Get Report email link fails for some reports shared via the Email Report option. 

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