Sugar Market 24.4 is Now Live!

The Sugar Market 24.4 release includes the following enhancements and issue fixes:

Feature Enhancements

  • Updated SugarCRM connector: A new version of the SugarCRM connector is now available: V2.2. This version includes a series of enhancements to the Buyer's Journey iframe.
    • Updated user interface: The user interface for the iframe has been updated, making it smoother than ever to work across SugarCRM and Sugar Market.
    • Seamless email preview: You can now preview emails in the iframe without the need to log in to Sugar Market.
    • Streamlined setup: Updates and initial setup for the iframe no longer require an iframe URL.
  • Improved recipient count calculations: You can now calculate the number of included and excluded recipients in the "Recipients Review" section of the "Confirm" email builder step.
  • View source HTML of text elements: You can now view the source HTML of text elements in the email builder via the edit options of text elements.
  • Enhanced preference list import: We have revamped the preference list import process, including faster processing speeds and improved failure handling to ensure the import process continues even if some records fail to import.
  • Netsuite connector validation: We have validated the Netsuite connector to ensure it supports Netsuite's latest release 2024.1.

Fixed Issues

The following reported issues have been fixed in this release. Case portal users can use the following link for more details about this issue:

  • 93905: Updates made via form submission to the stock "First Name" and "Last Name" contact fields fail to push to SugarCRM from Sugar Market.
  • 93205: When an existing image in an email template is replaced via the Buyer's Journey iframe, the replaced image fails to appear in the sent email. 
  • 90677: In the "Recipients Review" section of the "Confirm" email builder step, the number of recipients from included distribution lists is sometimes miscalculated. 

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