Sugar Market 23.15 is Now Live!

The Sugar Market 23.15 release includes the following enhancements and issue fixes:

Feature Enhancements

The following features have been deployed in release 23.15 of Sugar Market:

  • Conditional form fields: Conditional form fields let you dynamically display additional form fields based on the answer to another field on your form.
  • Revamped preference page: You can now customize and brand your Preference Page with a revamped preference page builder.

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of Sugar Market. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about these issues:

  • 93269: Clicking the Submit button on the Unsubscribe page triggers an error.
  • 93249: Contact and Lead imports fail for some EU customers.
  • 93221: Updates to the stock First Name and Last Name contact fields via a form submission fail to push to SugarCRM from Sugar Market.
  • 93180: Sugar Market fails to push some record field values to synced CRMs. 
  • 92574: Target list data fails to pull from SugarCRM into Sugar Market. 

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