Sugar Market 23.13 is Now Live!

The Sugar Market 23.13 release includes the following enhancements and issue fixes:

Feature Enhancements

The following features have been deployed in release 23.13 of Sugar Market:

  • Improved email processing: Your emails will now start sending faster with improvements to our email processing infrastructure.

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of Sugar Market. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about these issues:

  • 92788: CRM sync alerts that require no user action are incorrectly displayed in the CRM Sync Dashboard.
  • 92601: Forms using reCAPTCHA cannot be submitted by visitors in some APAC regions. 

The following issues have been resolved for this release:

  • When "This Week/Month/Quarter" is selected to change the date range displayed in the Global Dashboard, "Last Week/Month/Quarter" is displayed instead in some cases.
  • The Send Date is not displayed correctly in the Email Dashboard for emails sent via copied Nurtures that had a previously set send date that was changed to send immediately. 

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