Sugar Market 23.12 is Now Live!

The Sugar Market 23.12 release includes the following enhancements and issue fixes:

Feature Enhancements

The following features have been deployed in release 23.12 of Sugar Market:

  • Enhanced nurture support: We have made enhancements to our internal Nurture diagnostics tools so we can continue to provide rapid and effective Nurture support.
  • Improved error alerting for email merge tags: There are now enhanced error alerts when recipients cannot fulfill Account or User merge tags in your email. Emails that trigger a merge tag error will now be set to the canceled status rather than the pending status so you can resolve the issue and get your emails out faster. 
  • Deprecation of legacy eventsWith the recent release of the new Events module, legacy events created before Sugar Market 23.7 are now deprecated and can no longer be accessed. You can still view and manage participants for legacy events by accessing the Events Participant page from the Events module list view.

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of Sugar Market. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about these issues:

  • 92922: Links in some customers' emails sometimes fail to open for recipients.
  • 92913: The Forward to a Friend email merge tag fails to load for email recipients.
  • 92880: Email recipients cannot click the Submit button on unsubscribe pages when the "Unsubscribe from All" option is selected.
  • 92877: Emails are incorrectly formatted when viewed as a web page. 
  • 92868: The Recipient Overview dashlet does not count canceled emails as a rejected recipient. 
  • 92819: The Asset Library Replace Asset action fails for multiple file types. 
  • 92808: Some customers are unable to export reports to Excel.   
  • 92780: Reports using filters with a Geos operator fail to add contacts as Nurture recipients. 
  • 92747: Some customers experience prolonged loading times for the Global Dashboard and the Emails list view.

The following issues have been resolved for this release:

  • The record view of contacts that do not have an associated email address cannot be opened.
  • Emails that contain Account or User merge tags trigger an unclear error and are incorrectly set as pending when any included recipients cannot fulfill the selected Account or User merge tag values.

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