Sugar Market 23.15 Release Preview!

Sugar Market 23.15 is coming soon and is jam-packed with lots of exciting new features so let's dive in! With this release, we are introducing powerful conditional fields for forms and making improvements to email preference management.

Conditional Form Fields 

Conditional form fields will allow you to dynamically display additional fields based on a customer's answer to another field on your form. More dynamic forms are a win for you, your customers, and your data! 
Want to learn more? Check out the preview video below: 

Email Preference Management 

Today in Sugar Market managing your customers’ email preferences involves a lot of moving pieces. Over the next few releases, we are streamlining and improving this process.  

With Sugar Market 23.15, you will have access to a brand-new preference page builder that lets you customize and brand your page. With these enhancements, you can spend less time managing and more time communicating! 
Eager to learn more? Check out the preview video below: