Attention Oktopost Users! Here's what to do when you run out of social media content ideas.

Oktopost is thrilled to launch four AI-assisted tools for savvy content creation Writing hand️ These AI tools enable you to quickly modify and get ideas for engaging social media messages that will resonate with different audiences Bulb Just turn them on from Oktopost Labs!

  • Post Wizard: Transform selected texts however you choose (lengthen, shorten, simplify, rephrase, or adjust their tone)
  • Content Spark: Get multiple draft ideas for posts customized for different social networks just by pasting the URL you want to link to
  • Story Slinger: Generate messages from the input of the Story Title and Description to quickly fill out the content that advocates see
  • Message Mixer: Allow advocates to instantly rephrase any message on the Advocacy Board so their content will be more unique

Read all about the new AI tools and watch the video to learn how to use them. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Another reason to consider using Oktopost. Interested in learning more about managing social media in one central location?  Oktopost for Sugar Market