Updates to Calculated Value Formula Tooltips

I reference the formula tooltips all the time: 

I would like to request the following:  

1) Please keep them open indefinitely as long as your mouse stays hovered over the formula icon. Right now they close after 5 seconds. 

2) Please proof them and keep them updated. They often contain errors and I end up wasting a lot of valuable time troubleshooting them. This CountConditional pop-up is a good example. It shows single quotes around the strings when they require double quotes, and it references array(), which is not a valid formula. 

  • Hi  and , these are great suggestions.

    Jacquelyn, I found this existing bug for the incorrect example shown specifically for the countConditional function: bug #80244. If you know of other specific ones or as you come across them, it would be great if you could contact Support to create bugs for them as well. With more details available to the Products team, it may be more likely that they will address the issue. As for the tooltip timeout, I love that suggestion and it seems like an easy win. If you could also contact Support about that, that would help so the team can track requests for this.

    Björn, while we do have a page outlining all the Sugar Logic functions: Complete List of Sugar Logic Functions, I do feel that it could afford to include more details, along the lines of what the tooltips contain, such as example usage. I have created the following documentation ER so that we can improve this at some point: bug #88255.

    Sugar Logic, minor UI annoyances, and documentation are all areas of special interest to me so I felt compelled to chime in. :) Thanks for the suggestions guys!


  • Our support team will be creating a case for you shortly to add to bug #80244 that Brenda mentioned above to help us with tracking. I also added an internal request to have that bug reviewed again and hopefully re-prioritized for an upcoming release. Thanks for bringing this up!

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