Rename or Delete Campaign Folders

In Sugar Market, how can we rename or delete campaign folders?  I originally created subfolders for each rep but now realize the best approach for our organization is to have subfolders for each category we sell and I want to either rename or delete the rep-specific folders. 

  • Hi Susie,

    For single email campaigns and nurtures, there is not currently a way to rename or delete the existing folders. This is already logged as an enhancement request with our product team as Bug #83937. I'm happy to add you/your company as an additional requester/case to this enhancement if you let me know what organization you are with. Please feel free to message me directly by hovering over my name and clicking "Send Private Message" if you prefer not to post that information here. 

    Thank you!


    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Hi Jana,

    I would like to add myself as a requestor for this feature as well. It has been on my radar to explore further but now understand that these folders are not modifiable or are you able to delete them. Thank you.

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