Sugar Nurture 2.0 error: Sub-connections must be made with X elements.

Does anyone know what this error means when I validate my sugar nurture in the Nurture Builder 2.0? "Sub-connections must be made with X elements."

  • Heather, I haven't seen that error myself yet but it sounds like the nurture is expecting more information than it currently has. Can you provide a screenshot of the nurture flow diagram and any relevant information on how each element is configured?


  • Hi Lori!

    I'm attaching a picture, essentially I wanted anyone who clicked into the email to alert a member of our team and then removed from the nurture so my teammate can follow up directly, and those who do not can continue down the nurture flow, but It's invalid apparently. Please let me know your thoughts!

    Thank you!

  • Heather,

    Thank you for the screenshot. I attempted to reproduce the issue but am not seeing the same error appear. Since the error is showing for the Email Clicked element, can you click on the gear icon for that element and confirm that all the settings are configured (campaign from the first email step and number of days for watching if the recipient clicked)? 


  • Lori,

    Everything is configured to the best of my knowledge, I just keep getting this same message. It's really quite frustrating!

  • Heather,

    I looked at the nurture and am not able to see any obvious reasons why the errors are occurring. I do see that there was a missing "No" flow line at the second email clicked element and added it in, but the errors persisted. 

    I will create a case for you with support so that we can troubleshoot this further and will provide you with that case number separately. 

    Once we have identified the solution, we can update this post.

  • Heather,

    I was able to resolve the errors by removing the existing YES/NO connector lines for each of the Link Click elements that were erring out and then add them back in. Once I did that, I revalidated and did not see the error messages. 

    I suspect that the nurture's flow lines were confused somehow. I attempted to replicate the issue but was not able to. Please let me know if you continue to see the errors or if the nurture is validating successfully for you now.