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Hey all,

In my organization we create cases for staff to take care of. On the case we have a "case source" option for where the case came from, online, email, etc... Trying to setup a dashboard or filter to be able to see where out cases sources mostly come from either by percentages or numbers. Anyone have any advice on how to setup this super specific filter? 


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  • Hi Gina, no this is done when you create a report in Sugar. As Frida suggested, create a summation report. 

    - Add your filters.
    - Choose Lead Source as your 'define group by'
    - Choose "Count" as your 'Choose Display Summaries'

    Then you can embed the report on the dashboard.

    There are a few 'free' reports training videos on YouTube. And some courses on Sugar University.

    Here at Sugabyte, we also offer bespoke reports training via Zoom if that helps Slight smile

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