Mail POP3 problems since update to v8.7.4

Dear members! Since update from 8.6.15 to 8.7.4 I can´t receive pop3 mails. I get this error-massage: WARNING - *EmailImport* : Error getting number of messages from as for user Thomas

IMAP works, but there is the problem, that all incomming mails are marked as read. In the system the automatic read marking is disabled. My mail-provider will not see a problem an with MS and Apple clients is no problem receiving the mails from pop3

  • Hi ,

    Please clarify what was updated to version 8.7.4. That version is not a valid version number for SugarCRM or any of its primary platform components (e.g. PHP, MySQL, etc.). Sugar allows for POP3 configuration but it requires setting a code-level configuration to enable as IMAP is the preferred, more secure method for inbound email traffic.


  • Hello Chris, the 8.7.4 is the latest version in Germany. It works under PHP 8.1. Imap ist working on the system, but I have the problem, that all incoming mails are automatically marked as read, but they were not read by the user.

  • Hi ,

    Sugar does not have regional releases and 8.7.4 (or 8.6.15) was never a valid release version for Sugar. Sugar's current release is 13.0. To see what your current release of Sugar is, go to the 'About' link in your profile menu:

    Assuming you are running a supported version of Sugar, I recommend the following:

    1. Check the mail server for any error messages logged at the time Sugar attempts the connection
    2. If you cannot find any helpful error messages there, set Sugar to 'debug' logging level under Admin > System Settings and reproduce the error (Note: Only use this setting temporarily as it can degrade system performance) Check the sugarcrm.log file to see if any more verbose messaging is provided. You will likely be able to find any appropriate log messages by searching for a portion of the message you receive (e.g. "Error getting number of messages")
    3. If neither of the above are helpful, then open a case with Sugar Support. I'm unsure how much help they will be able to provide for troubleshooting POP3 connections, but at the very least, they may have prior reports from customers with a similar error message and have some suggestions to offer to resolve the issue.