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I recently started to use Activity Stream - looks quite good. However, I noticed that it does not capture changes from custom fields I created.

Does anyone know how can I add these fields so that they show up in Activity Stream?



  • Hello Ada,

    I am curious if users have managed to recognize smth alike an important customer profile change, game-changing customer behavior, or some other important event - from an automatically generated stream of physical data changes?

    I'd appreciate it if you share your experience since I'm confused about benefitting the stream like below, and prefer to benefit from the key events I want the system to collect for me on the Timeline

    Thank you


    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • I want to see only key changes (expected close date, ARR etc) so that I can report on it and understand deals lifecycle.

  • hi
    After you enable auditing for these fields, you can used SQL queries within Advanced reports to fetch data from the Audit tables.

    As it seems you are mostly interesting in tracking deals (Opportunities?), another option would be to create a deal tracking custom module, that logs the changes to just those fields of interest.

    CRM Business Consultant

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