Reports issue - incorrect summation & conversion?


I have created a few custom formula fields on Opportunity and Revenue Line Items that allows me to have a more granular view on the ARR. 

The fields on the Revenue Line Item work perfectly, also in respect to conversions. Fields on Opportunity are simply the summation of their respective fields from RLI.

The issue begins when I run reports, e.g. summation report that shows both revenue line item fields & sum for opportunity

1.  I created the Opp & RLI in GBP -  on the Opp & RLI I can see the conversion from GBP to USD (preferred currency) - why can't I see that on the report, and it is only showing me GBP? Do I need to create separate (hidden) USD only fields for reporting purposes?

2. Field summation is totally off - I chose to sum from opportunities fields (the reason for that is that in te future I want to also run reports only with Opportunity details and ARR sums, without each RLI listed) - they are represented in USD, which is correct, but the sums are wrong - e.g. the TCV for Test Opp for currencies is, $71,724.70, however the report is showing $143,449.41 (double the amount that is TCV on the opp) - how can I prevent it? 

The sum is correct only when I have 1 revenue line Item. 

  • Summations look quite Okay on the regular demo instance - below is the screenshot of the report built for the RLI module - looks like the sum of addendums matches with the value provided in the row header, right?

    Having that all the reports are actually based on regular SQL queries, the question is what is the criterion used specifically in your report and what is the module the report is built for. Also in rare cases, the customizations made to the modules may lead to the reports unexpected behavior

    In regards to the currencies- if user switches the Preferred Currency from the base currency (e.g. from $ to EUR  in this example) and set a checkbox in the profile to show values in the preferred currency , then all the values will go displayed in EUR and the same report will look like this:

    IMHO, despite some visual discrepancies, that visualization makes sense, so perhaps, that should be considered "as designed"

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi Dymtro

    SugarCRM support have confirmed that there is a bug with reporting showing the incorrect currency value when a user has a different preferred currency to default.  Unfortunately no time frame as yet on fix. 

    I hope it is quick though as a global CRM any issues with reporting from multiple currencies could be detrimental to teams and business!



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  • Hi Samanta,

    Thank you for the information - some visualization discrepancies are usually a thing that corporate system users could get used to in their internal reports -  as you can find on the screenshots above reports a fairly readable in different currencies

    At the same time, correct calculations are important in terms of the trust in the reports engine, so I wonder if support was able to confirm that the calculations (inc. summation) are correct for a properly set up report. 

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient