For the Case Macro to work can the matching text be anywhere in the Subject Line ?

Here is the SugarCRM Documentation on this topic

Although we have used this capability for a long while, we just want to make sure that the matching text can be anywhere in the Subject Line not just at the beginning for example.

We want to improve the subject lines but do not want to disrupt the Case Macro capability.

Thanks in advance.

  • That's a great question! I just tested it myself in a stock Sugar instance and can confirm that it matches even if it is not at the beginning of the email subject. Slight smile


  • Indeed; a great and timely - question. Would this still hold true when a Case is emailed / created and another ticketing system already has a Case number in the subject line? Perspective: our software is used by companies that serve customers using that software. 


    An email came to us from a Customer that already had a 3rd party case number in their subject:

    Our Support picked up the case and replied via the case, removing their case number and adding ours (thinking it might cause confusion, etc)

    We then received another email that issued a new 3rd party case number.  If the other vendor had a case number in their email, should we be removing it?  

    Thanks for any insight into this!


    Sugar Hosted / Serve/Sell

  • Hi Missy,

    Oh this is a world of hurt.

    We have a similar scenario. Before we addressed the problem we had our Sugar instance and the customers 3rd party support system spamming each other. We now have a flag in the Accounts Module that is used to indicate if the customer uses an automated support system.

    We use that flag in two BPMs (one for New Cases created and the other for incoming email for an existing case) that branches down a certain path when the customer uses an automated support system that populates the subject of outgoing emails from our Sugar with the required data format so that the 3rd party system matches the email to an existing ticket in their system and thus stops the spamming. The customer knows that any updates from them must conform to our Case Macro requirements.

    There are so many "moving parts" to handling support using email that with the latest improvements to the Sugar Customer Self Service Portal, we will now be trying to transition as many of our customers to the portal and move away from email based support, but that will take quite some time.


    Greg Barrass

  • thank you for your perspective and insight! We've just opened up our Customer Support Portal, so moving away from emailing Support will be another adventure, I'm sure.