Use Business Hours in BPM

We have a BPM that monitors when a Service Request (Case) is updated by a team member or a customer (status changes to Modified):

We have Business Hours setup in Sugar, but I cannot see how I can make the Wait Event use Business Hours - is there something I am missing in the construction of the BPM. For example, shouldn't have used the Wait Event ? Other areas in BPM do provide the option for Business Hours, it just seems to be not in a Wait Event ?

I'm thinking I might have to create a Business Rule instead.

Any help appreciated

Greg Barrass


  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like Round Robin for setting AssignedTo is the only out-of-the-box SugarBPM Action capable to calculate the user's availability which derives from all the Business Center's management functionality presets.

    There is also some "business hours" calculation introduced in Stock BPM template, t it could be also of use if to deal with Business Centers schedule
    I never checked how it actually works - whether it takes into account  Business Center TimeZone, Business Center Holidays, User's Dayoffs (described in the User profile), ect.

    It might be also possible to configure the function to check the user's availability with the Logic Builder so that the availability could be employed in the SugarBPM workflow design.

    Would you like to explore this option?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi Greg, Wait events don't currently have business hour functionality, but there is an enhancement request to add it (bug 73612).

    If you have Sugar Serve, you can look at the stock SugarBPM template that Dmytro mentioned (Case Follow-Up Date Management V2) for an example of how you should be able to achieve the same results without using business hours within a Wait event. The section that Dmytro highlighted is a good example. This help article talks about the template in detail and you can search for the words "business hours" to find the specific places it talks about those: Stock SugarBPM - Case Follow-Up Date Management.

    Instead of a Wait event based on business hours, you can use a Change Field action to set a future deadline using business hours (e.g. Run Time + 4bh) in a datetime field. The stock template uses the Follow Up Date field. Then, you can use an Event-Based gateway leading to a Wait event targeting a fixed date (i.e. the datetime field you just set) to wait until the desired number of business hours have elapsed before taking action.

    Hope that helps.


  • Dmytro,

    Thanks - you have reminded me about Follow Up Date which I have used previously. I think that will work.

  • Brenda,

    Thanks - that is the perfect solution and I just couldn't remember where I had seen the Business hours option in BPM. Perfect.

  • So finally got back to tidying this up - thanks to Dymtro and Brenda - here is the new and improved BPM incorporating the suggestions - hopefully I have the logic right, I'll know soon enough with some live testing:


  • It looks good to me, good luck with testing!