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I've created some custom relationships between the User entity and the Accounts Entity (1:M) so that the Accounts record view displays a series of relate fields allowing users to assign a user to various "roles" on the account.

I'd like to use SugarBPM to send an email to the users assigned to these fields, but there is no option that I can see to do this in the "Recipient > Module" drop down. Can anyone advise on the best way to achieve this goal?



  • Hi Levi, 

    Could you clarify the realization? 

    Correct me if I'm wrong - it looks like you've got a kind of custom module created in Module Builder, let's say Account User Roles module, which is related many-to-one to the Accounts module for subpanel to Accounts and either relate type field to Users module or many-to-one relationship to Users module. That custom module also to include Role field - either text or dropdown type to specify the Role of the User in Account.


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  • Hi Dmytro,

    No, this is just the out of the box Account module and the User module. I've created a series of custom 1:M relationships between Users and Accounts, which creates Relate fields (labelled as roles) on the Accounts form allowing me to assign users.

    I want to use SugarBPM to email the users assigned to these Relate fields on the Accounts record view. This seems like something that should be achievable.



  • Unfortunately SugarBPM only understand OOTB relationships with Users module.

    As far I know it is possible to extend SugarBPM components in order to evolve it accordingly. Otherwise you may create a custom field on Accounts module which will be populated with related User's email address. You may create a sugarLogic formula for fullfilling it accordingly, so SugarBPM can listen to changes on that field and send the appropriate message.

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  • Hi Levi,

    Okay, I didn't get whether notification is a part of the bigger business process, where using SugarBPM is recommended - in this case in your configuration of roles the automation is configurable with Logic Builder extension for Sugar BPM.

    However, there is a shorter path to achieve what you need if the purpose is just to notify about roles assignments, lemme show you

    I've reproduced your realization with 3 roles on the dedicated Account's tab here  (login admin/ password asdf)

    Then I've configured a logic hook - if you are a programmer you can make logic hooks with coding, but since I haven't written a line of code for almost 20 years, I got used to use Logic Builder to configure logic hooks for Sugar

    Its simple to draw it and this is how the logic hook for sending email notification may look for your case - when User is assigned to Account RoleA:

    With this flowchart installed into Sugar in a for of regular zip package, Sugar is able to send the following email to the User on RoleA assignment:

    Actually, it sends what I have configured... Is that what you like to achieve?

    Please feel free to login to (login admin/ password asdf) , change User1 email to your own and play with it as much as you need

    btw, I've also added notification about the User is exempted from the RoleA

    If an approach makes sense for you, you may register (trial is 30 days free) and drop me a line so that  I could help you to configure notifications for the rest of the roles.

    Please note,  that the LogicBuilder-designed logic hooks operate independently from the designer - they will keep automating notifications as long as you need once installed

    If you like to know more about configuring rather then development, I'd suggest attending the webinar about it tomorrow, Feb 18th

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