I want to make a BPM that when a field is checked it will reassign "assigned to" to match the specialist field.  So Status equals.......checks for who the specialist is then changes the assigned to field, sends email then ends.

Can I change the assigned to this way?

  • Hi  ,

    You have a few potential solutions. Once I have answers to a few clarifying questions, I can provide you recommendations:

    • What is the specialist field you are referring to? Is it a relate, relationship, dropdown, or text field?
    • How many different entries are likely or possible in the specialist field? Is it typically only a handful of users or is it a more expansive list?
    • Is the specialist field on the same record that triggers the process or is it on a related module? If it is on a related module, what relationship type does that module have to the triggering record (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.)?



  • Hi there Chris,

    It is a text field within leads (which I can modify if I should), this a pilot program for the lead module so hopefully eventually it will be quite a few with 25 possibilities (people) eventually. So, when the marketing status changes to "hot lead" it checks who was imported in the "specialist field" and then reassigns the lead and notifies the (new) assigned to person.

  • Hi Michelle,

    The short answer is "yes".  I do a similar thing with Contacts and Accounts.  I created a "Business Rule" (because I use the same logic for different processes in the same module and I didn't want to code the BPM twice).

    My Business Rule basically looks at the value of a field, and returns the value for the field I want to change.  Simplistically:

    If Code = xxx  return  "Assigned to" abcdefg

    The Business Rule is triggered to change the Assigned To (and in some cases other things happen in the process) and the end point of the process is to send an email to the assigned person.

    Bud Hartley | Cape Foulwind, NZ (and Oregon, USA)

  • hmmm that is a thought.  Haven't messed with the business rules but that is worth exploring.  Thank you.

  • So have conditions marketing status == hot pass then middle specialist assigned and conclusion (return value) last name first name?  Where would i add an email?  Sorry This is cool stuff but I haven't used it before.

    assigned to​

  • Hi  ,

    A text field isn't ideal because it presents the opportunity for non-standard inputs (e.g. typos, nicknames, etc.) that would not be able to be interpreted by BPM. We typically deploy a one-to-many relationship from the Users module to the target module to contain this type of data. Doing that ensures you have standardized data in the module and gives you a better foundation for building out automation strategies.

    With regards to potential solutions, you have the following recommended options:

    • Business Rule - As  mentioned, you can build out a business rule to handle the scenarios. The pro to this solution is that you could use your existing text field to handle the lead assignments. The cons to this solution are (1) it requires ongoing maintenance and (2) you may have unexpected outcomes due to aforementioned typos/non-standard entries with a text field. Business rules are not dynamic so any time you have a new user to add as a specialist, you need to update the business rule to account for that new user and properly assign the record.
    • Upsert BPM Essentials - One of the features of our Upsert BPM Essentials plugin is to dynamically assign a user based on another user relationship value. The pro of this solution is that it is dynamic and would not require any ongoing maintenance. In your process definition, you would configure a single action element to set the assigned user to the dynamic value of the specialist field. The con of this solution is that you would not be able to use your existing text field. You would need to deploy a user relationship to use our custom action.

    I hope this helps!


  • Hi Michelle,

    I agree with  that a text field leaves room for the business rule to fail if there isn't a match.  I only have one rule that looks at a text field and that is a State Code in the Address which is restricted to two characters and isn't miskeyed very often.

    Yes, there is the maintenance issue, but since I use some Business Rules in more than one process it makes the maintenance easier than coding it in two or three Processes when there's a change.

    The Sugar documentation on Business Rules is comprehensive, and I'll admit that it took me a while to get comfortable with the "Return Value" Options:   https://support.sugarcrm.com/documentation/sugar_versions/13.0/ent/administration_guide/sugarbpm/process_business_rules/#The_Rules_Builder_Interface

    If the Business Rule returns the UserID to populate the field, the BPM Process can send the email to that user.


    Bud Hartley | Cape Foulwind, NZ (and Oregon, USA)