Sugar Reports does not allow reports to be generated like excel, any suggestions?

Aloha Sugar Club, I do user metrics each month and one of the reports I do manually after getting raw data from Sugar and massaging it in excel is how many calls the salespeople (80) do each month. 

In excel I have the rows as the Salesperson names and then the columns as the month of the created call. Within each cell the amount of calls for that user for that month. Very simple report, but out of box Sugar cannot render this type of report I was told from support. 

Any ideas or solutions out there?

Thank you 

  • Hi  ,

    If I'm understanding properly, this report should be possible in Sugar via a matrix report. In the 'Define Group By' configuration of the report, you would group by the assigned user name and then the 'Month: Start' fields:

    On the 'Choose Display Summaries', add the Calls > Count. The resulting report looks like this:


  • Awesome, appreciate it, Chris! This worked great, other than using the username which we have designated as their email addresses. This report intended audience is management. I would have preferred if the define by group had an option for full name. I see that there are options for first and last name as separately but no full name. I have users where some have the same first name and others have the same last names, so this report doesnt work good for those options, just the username option. Managers might not know email addresses, especially new ones. Any other ideas?

  • To get the  First&Last names to the Matrix report use an additional calc field

    1) Navigate Admitn-> Studio -> Users -> Fields  and add a custom calc filed like this: 

    The formula might be 
    concat($first_name," ",$last_name)
    or whatever you'd like to show to the management in the report - and save the new field

    2). (optional) Navigate Users -> Layouts -> List View and drag the new field to the Default

    then Save & Deploy it

    3) Navigate #Users module by typing the proper URL in the browser
    (it should be like https://<yuorinstance>/#Users) select all users and Recalculate Values -  so that your brand new calc field has got initial values for the current set of users

    4) Navigate to Matrix Report and use the brand new field instead of UserName, so that your management to see names instead of user emails you have in names in the report suggested by Chris 

    so you get this:

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