Bulk update values in drop down editor

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a solution where we have a drop down in opportunities for the amount of users.

We want to import around 250+ different values into this drop down but I am not seeing any import options only manually adding each value one at a time.

We are currently using a drop down field which is sub-optimal but we are wanting to change to a lookup field.

Does anyone know a better solution to doing this or any recommendations in to how I would proceed?

Thanks in advance,


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  • hi  

    To restrict the input based on that criteria I believe your best options are either the Custom module as previously suggested by  or alternatively an integer field controlled by custom code that only allows numbers divisible by 25


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  • why not use Two fields:

     - an integer field for the number of blocks they want to buy,

     - a calculated integer field for quantity that is the number of blocks entered multiplied by 25.

    So if I enter 1 for the number of blocks I get quantity 25,

    If I enter 9 I get a quantity of 225 etc...


  • Hi  ,

    You can ensure an integer field is in a certain increment using a supporting Sugar Logic field. I was able to accomplish this with a custom text field that is both required and calculated. The calculation will only populate a value into the field if purchased licenses is in an increment of 25. In other words, the user would not be able to save the record until they put in a proper license count since the field is required:

    Sugar Logic does not have a remainder function, so you need to work around that by manually evaluating for a remainder. Here is the formula I used:


    So, if the licenses sold is in an increment of 25, then the field will display 'Yes' and the record can be saved. For any other value, the field is empty and the record cannot be saved.

    The field needs to be added to the record view for this to work since required fields not on the record view will not be evaluated.

    I hope this helps!