QuotedLine Items - Canot delete line

We have a role which has set the Delete permission on the Quotes module to Owner.

When copying a quote, the quoted lines item assigned to doesnt change in the Db so the user cannot delete these lines.

Any ideas?

Thnaks so much

  • Hi ,

    The easiest way to accommodate for this scenario is you could have SugarBPM definition that triggers on new quoted line item creation to ensure it reassigns records to the assigned user of the parent quote to comply with your role permissions. SugarBPM does not have a native way of handling this dynamically so your options would be:

    1. Create custom fields to pass down the assigned user value from the quote to the quoted line items and use a gateway to evaluate this field to determine how to update the assigned user. The drawback with this approach is that it requires ongoing maintenance any time a new user is added or if a user changes their first or last name in Sugar.
    2. One of the key features of our plug-in, Upsert BPM Essentials, addresses this specific use case where you can set an action to dynamically inherit the assigned user of the parent record. This removes any need to maintain the process definition moving forward.