Is there a way to create a new Account and/or new Contact from opportunities window

I require your help to understand the possibility of a new development in my CRM space.

How to enable the functionality to add a new Account and/or a new Contact from the new Opportunity window only?

For example: when we convert any lead, the convert lead window gives an option upon "Reset" click to create a new contact from the same window. I am looking for a feature something similar to that on the "Create New Opportunity" window.

Apologies, if my question and example are not clear, let me know if we can connect over a call to discuss more on the requirements.

Looking forward to getting some positive suggestions!


  • Hi -

    In order to add the functionality that you are describing would require some development. 

    However, you can Create an Account, Create a Contact, etc. While you are on create Opportunities screen. It takes an extra couple of clicks.

    As a user while Creating an Opportunity.

    They have a few choices

    1. In the Accounts or Contacts field, the user can click 'Search and Select" which will open a drawer. From here they can "create" a new record
    2. Way over on the right-hand side of the screen., there is a plus (+) next to the profile picture. You will find items like "Create Account" or "Create Contact" on this menu. If you create another record, you won't lose your place on the current screen
    3. From the mega menu at the top of the screen. While creating an Opportunity, you can use the drop-down menu next to Accounts or Contacts and create another record.

    The users can be trained on these options.

  • Hi ,

    Thank you so much for sharing this solution, I didn't know it works like this. A perfect solution for me.

    Appreciate your response!