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Do you know is it possible to set up targets for dashboards in SugarCRM - e.g. target for Month A is 10,000 USD revenue and the dashlet will show how far we are to reach the target? 

I am looking to set up individual targets as well as group sales targets.

Thank you!

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  • Hi 

    I've tried to mark 4 dashlets on the screenshot of my Sugar demo instance with yellow letters  A, B, C, and D

    A and B  are out-of-the-box dashlets that visualize Forecast fulfillment  - they could be of great use in case the out-of-the-box Sugar Forecast  functionality outfits your company expectations

    C is a visualization of gauge chart (that's the type of the chart on your screenshot) should be available as a Sugar visual asset, however, the one on the scene is just visualization - delivery of the background logic is a custom work that could be performed by Sugar Prof Services or Sugar Partner teams (like ours) - literally with code development that require programmers efforts

    D is a Quick KPI functionality dashlet that allows setting configurable Report-based criteria for visualizing min/current/target/max values on the dashlet - as Sugar Partner we delivered that enhancement  for one of our customers

    Nevertheless, I'm very interested to know what Sell folks or other consultants would advise on your inquiry to have KPI  visualized on the dashboard  - please share here on a chance

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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