Converting a system to use Revenue Line Items with Opportunities

Hello all,

Our production system (v 11.1.0) was initially set up without Revenue Line Items (RLI).  After six months usage, we are now thinking there would be a number of benefits in using RLI's.  Having reviewed the documentation and done some experimentation in our development environment, I can see that there are a number of consequences to the change requiring a fair bit of care, testing and work during the implementation.

I'd like to know if any of you have undertaken the same post-production conversion to using RLI's and if you have any lessons learned or other advice that you might be able to share?

Best wishes,

Dave Hodgman

  • We did quite a while back and we did experience a problem during the migration process, where the system did not create default RLIs. We ended up needing assistance from SugarCRM Support to do the clean up as we are Sugar On Demand. The migration process has probably been improved since then.

    There is obviously a learning curve for users that needs to be covered, but the benefits of being able to treat each RLI as a "sub opportunity" outweighs that learning curve where opportunities comprise multiple components any of which can be won or lost.

    The ability to mass update RLIs for certain fields from the Opportunity Header was a critical feature added by Sugar to reduce the time consuming effort of updating each RLI for a "mass change". Recommend you should make sure that the fields you typically need to "mass update" can be.

  • Hi Greg.  The migration process must have improved as default RLIs are being created now.  That's good advice about considering the need for mass updates, I will discuss that with our business teams.  Thanks.