I need to create a formula that says if $number_base_stations_c is greater than 1 multiply $number_base_stations_c x $990.  Otherwise the field should be $0.  I can't seem to get this formula to work.  Would love help on this one.

  • I expect that you have the value of the computed value in a separate field? What have you tried so far? In any case. You need an extra field that does something like this: 


  • Thanks so much for the help.  I actually missed one piece to add.  This works but I only want it to do the math for the stations above 1.  So if they have 1 station the answer would be $0.  If they have 2 stations the answer would be $990, 3 stations would be $$1,980.  Not sure if that makes sense?

    Hi, I figured out a workaround,   Thanks for your help.

  • Ah, actually its easy. In the formula you need to substract 1 from the value in 'testfield_c' before you multiply. 

    so the formula would be something like: 


    in this case if the testfield = 1 it returns 0

    in any other case the 'station' has 1 substracted and multiplied with 99.