Access BPM History to populate fields in Studio

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We use BPM for a lot of our processes including custom modules. When a user within a BPM is required to "Approve/Reject" a step in a BPM process, a record is written to BPM History of the user name, date and time. This is very strong and sound from an audit perspective.

However, because this information in BPM History cannot be easily displayed in associated modules, we currently require users to enter their name in a custom field. This is so weak.

In the absence of being able to directly access the BPM History, we would be happy if we were able to access that BPM information in Studio to populate custom fields.

Any thoughts. We have logged the issue with SugarCRM and it has been linked to an enhancement request along with 7 other customers who have asked for this.

  • Hi Greg,

    Though not straightforward, we could potentially implement this functionality via code - can you please describe what you are exactly trying to do? Maybe point us to the Enhancement request? 

  • It is ER 74820, but when I click on the link provided by SugarCRM I do not have access to it. We are not looking for a code solution other than from SugarCRM. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a workaround in the meantime to be able to access the data.

    Here is an example of BPM History - it is this user, date, time information that we want to be able to capture in other fields so it can be used for reporting etc:

  • could you elaborate on the type of report you're trying to create specifically? 

  •  - an example of the scenario is not so much a report (but obviously a report capability would flow on from these anyway.

    Our use case involves a Leave Applications module we created that uses BPM to route leave applications to the appropriate person for review, checking and approval. The Module and BPM work fine and BPM keeps records of the user who reviewed, checked, approved etc in BPM History.

    However, BPM History is not readily available to users and does takes considerable steps to get to for a specific process. It would be much better if this was also visible on the Target Module Record/List Layouts.

    What we require is visibility of the user who reviewed, checked approved written back to specific fields (assume with formulae) from BPM History. Because this is not currently possible, we have the user type their name in a Text  field.

    So the requirement is to be able to leverage BPM Audit History data in the relevant module for easier everyday user information purposes. e.g. Who approved that application and when.

    I see the requirement as being generic and should be a capability for any module custom or otherwise. The natural flow on would be reporting if required, but the reporting should leverage the data contained in the calculated fields in the target modules and not need to report out of BPM history directly.

    Hope this clarifies.


  • I understand that BPM Historic is not quite user friendly and easily accessible. As per your description, I may suggest you to update the BPM Processes in order to store on some fields information regarding who approved and when.

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  • Agree - we have done that already by making the fields required within the BPM Form, however it means the user has to type their name in (and they could type anything to be honest), whereas if I could have the field populate automatically using a formula based on the user who Approved/Rejected from BPM history that would be perfect.