Deleting contacts after x years with SugarBPM


I am wondering if it is possible to set up SugarBPM so that It automatically deletes contacts (the whole profile of that person) after a set number of years? I am wondering because of GDPR. 

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Rob

    As you may know, there is Data Privacy module in OOTB Sugar
    It helps to manage "Requests to erase information" for selected Contacts/Leads/Targets/Accounts records 

    The procedure is described in details in the docs: note, that it wipes out not only PII data from the record itself but also data from the Audit Log, so it does much more then just clearing the fields.

    There is no possibility to initiate erase in another way than to click the "Erase and Complete" button in each  Data Privacy record view.

    However, I would suggest a semiautomatic solution

    A.   Establish let's say 12 Data Privacy records of type "Request to erase information" per year (it should take up to 10 minutes of manual work to add then even for the next 5 years)

    B.   Setup a BPM workflow that will trigger for a new Contact record and call BPM extension designed in Logic Builder for Sugar that will automatically:
         -  find  the Data Privacy record of type "Request to erase information" scheduled in X months from Contact createdate and link Contact to that record.
         -  Mark to Erase all the PII fields that belong to the linked Contact

    Hence, each of 12 Data Privacy records will contain all the Contacts and their PII fields to erase that month with a bulk "Erase and Complete" operation.
    Therefore, once in a month, the admin will open the corresponding Data Privacy record and wipe out all the PII data for all the Contacts in a click, and using OOTB Sugar functionality

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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