how to populate the details along with attachments of the lead if the lead was already generated?

Hi, So basically what I am looking for is when I try to create a new lead and add the details about the lead, I should get a pop-up which states that this lead already exists in the system and here are the all the details along with the attachments. This would help eliminate duplication of lead generation and doubling the work of the project engineering team. Please let me know if any further details are required. Thanks!

  • Hello Rahul,

    Out of the box Sugar includes a Duplicate Check function which occurs when a record is saved, but the values in the fields need to be fairly similar for it to get caught by the duplicate check filters. As an example, I created a Lead with the First Name 'John' and the Last Name 'Doe'. I then created 'Johnathan Doe', which did not get caught, but when I created 'J Doe', both 'John Doe' and 'Johnathan Doe' were shown as possible duplicates: 

    If I click on the eyeball icon, it will show me information about either 'John Doe' or 'Johnathan Doe', including any activity related to those records, such as emails, notes, calls, etc.

    Please be aware that my test was performed in Sugar Enterprise.


    Dan Kallish

    Advanced Support Engineer


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  • Hi Dan,

    I'm using version of Sugar and my concern is that my engineering team is receiving multiple requests from Sales for the same lead from different sales personnel. It is for this reason, I would like to know if there is a way by which I can auto populate the data along with the attachments for the incoming lead which will prevent the Sales from creating a new lead when there is already one part of the existing leads.

    Thanks and Regards,