Sending birthday greetings

I would like to design a workflow to send birthday wishes to my clients. I already activate the birthday field in the Contacts module: however, I cannot find in the "Process Definition" how to evaluate this field to send these emails. Any ideas?

  • Hi Alma,

    Brenda is correct, in that a wait event would help, but as pointed out the birthday date is history and that wait event would wait forever.

    A BPM could be written using two new fields in the Contacts Module calculated with the monthofyear and dayofmonth Sugar logic functions.  Unfortunately, you'd need the process running on EVERY Contact forever.  Trigger the process on every contact, wait for monthofyear, then wait for dayofmonth, then send email, wait 31 days and loop back to the start).  Messy, and NOT recommended.

    Maybe an Enhancement Request should be submitted?

    Best Wishes.

    Bud Hartley | Oregon, USA

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