Sending birthday greetings

I would like to design a workflow to send birthday wishes to my clients. I already activate the birthday field in the Contacts module: however, I cannot find in the "Process Definition" how to evaluate this field to send these emails. Any ideas?

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    Sending birthday greetings is a very basic CRM process - probably the first one that comes into my mind when I start decoding the abbreviation “CRM”

    IMHO, that would be so weird to ask for Sugar Enhancements in order to fulfill this process on a proven CRM platform with dozens of years of exploitation on the CRM market!

    If there is no article about this process in the Knowledge Base, let me suggest a no-code configuration for this process.

    I have added a checkbox SendBirthdayGreetings and two calculated fields that represent Day and Month of the Birthdate – as per 's suggestion

    I have designed 2 simple Sugar BPM processes

    A. A perpetual Sugar BPM process Mark Birthday Boys And Girls that will select on the daily basis all the Contacts with Birthday today 

    That implements Brenda's  idea with Wait Event, however, in this implementation, there will be the only ONE instance of this Process definition running perpetually (avoiding the mess with processes to which Bud refers to)

    The matching criterion – select contacts for which the Day_of_Birth and Month_of_Birth are equal to the current Day and current Month and set checkbox SendBirthdayGreetings for each contact found – this part is configured with the Logic Builder configuring tool ( and this configuration, as you can see, extends SugarBPM process capabilities

    B. I've designed the onetime-running plain SugarBPM process definition SendBirthdayGreetings that creates a process instance for each Contact with SendBirthdayGreetings checkbox is ticked.
    This Process just sends an email by the template than remove SendBirthdayGreetings checkbox for the Contact:

    Therefore, sending greetings looks like this in the Process Management:

    1) No coding for the platform – any Sugar Admin with no coding skills can leverage platform to configure this process.
    2) No mess which could be caused by thousands of processes that are pending for a next year birthday per each contact in CRM
    3) No Enhancements Requests to  Sugar Product team to cover an ancient Happy-Birthday-To-You-Customer process – must-be in any CRM

    Please let me know if any questions

    I would also appreciate any other ideas about the automation of "send birthday greetings".
    I suppose there should be an option to employ old Campaigns module and SUgar Market for this process.
    Any ideas?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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