Using SugarCRM for fundraising management?

Our charity would like to use our existing SugarCRM to manage fundraising. We already use a small part of the sales functionality to manage selling our online learning modules, but are wondering whether other Sugar clients have found this to be a useful tool for managing donors, tracking targets etc. Thank you!

  • Hi Ann,

    We implemented for one of our customers a Donor Management system with aggressive sales targets.

    They have volunteers and also mapped the places where the Volunteers should go and campaign.

    After sometime they were able to get a conversion metric for each place and also for each person. The donations used to be either one time or monthly and all the signups etc were tracked in SugarCRM.

    To answer your question, yes Sugar has good use for Donation Management and Volunteer / Sales Target Management and Area / Place performance metrics.

    Warm Regards

    Ram Kumar

    Ram Kumar LK

    Sr Solution Architect

  • Thanks very much Ram, this is good to know. 

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