Creating quote from opportunity versus creating opportunity from quote

According to the way I was taught to use sugar while working at sugar, was to convert a lead into an account/contact/opportunity and then to go back in and create the quote. This process has always worked for me and I have carried it over into my new job. However, the new job has been using sugar differently and I want them to convert to my process. As such, they asked me to put my process onto paper in a step-by-step guide. As opposed to reinventing the wheel, I searched through the sugar website and found a article in the support section on how to create an opportunity from a quote. What I did not find, was anything detailing the opposite on how to create a quote from an opportunity. Have I been doing it wrong all this time? What is the best practice? I'd be curious to get others feedback. Even better, if somebody already has a step-by-step guide written out on how to create a quote from an opportunity. 

  • As a reseller, we work with our clients to work out which method works best for them.

    Some clients, we create the opportunity first, then the quote (or multiple quotes related to the one opportunity). For others, we create the quote first, then create an opportunity from the quote.

    The difference normally lies in the answer to the complexity of the sale. The more complex the sale process, the more likely we'll create the opportunity first. The less complex the sale process, the more likely we'll create a quote first.

    There is no 'right' or 'wrong' here, it's what's most appropriate to the circumstances.

    Ben Hamilton (more)
  • Want to add to what Ben Hamilton mentioned in his reply.

    When you have sales persons who needs to generate quotes often, they tend to go to Quotes first and then create an Opportunity. When you have a product catalog that has 100s and 1000s of products and you need to churn many quotes a day, the sales person tendency is to get the Quote out from his side to the customer.

    However if the sales cycles are much longer and needs lot of nurturing, it is better to have Opportunity first and then Quote. 

    Sugar might have created  "Quote to Opportunity" button to address the need of the sales person who churns quotes during the peek period.  After the quote is sent they can happily create the opportunity and manage their pipelines. 

    We happen to implement as a proof of concept and internal research, an Opportunity to Quote conversion and then synching Opportunities with Quotes if there are more changes in the Quote.

    But as a best practice, if your business is having big product catalog and your sales team's core activity is to send many quotes a day / week, following "Quote and convert to Opportunity" process is better.

    Otherwise you create the opportunity, nurture it and when the right time manually create the Quote. But again if your product catalog is large and you want to avoid the manual element, then you can get the "Opportunity to Quote conversion" features for your CRM.

    I think your developer or your partner should be able to help you out since it is not a configuration but customisation.

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    Ram Kumar LK

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