Customize your CRM and boost its adoption with ShapeMySugar

Today, one of the main causes of failure for a CRM project is low adoption. In fact, sometimes, despite the availability of a high-performance tool, some employees do not use it because they do not see any interest in it, because the solution seems too difficult to handle or because they do not manage to make it their own. As a result, the CRM project quickly loses its purpose and fails.

In order to avoid this, companies relying on a CRM must bet on promoting adoption and raising awareness among their employees. To help you with this, Synolia, specialized in CRM implementation, has developed a unique module designed for SugarCRM: ShapeMySugar.

This module is designed for all companies that want to make their CRM project a success. With it, you will seduce your collaborators and convince them to use your SugarCRM by customizing the look and feel of the tool. Your teams will then be able to take the grasp of it and see it as an asset rather than a barrier.

ShapeMySugar allows you to quickly customize your interface. For instance, you can choose your login page color as well as your menu color. You can thus adapt the design of your tool according to the seasons, the contexts, the news and your preferences! This will seduce your collaborators who will find themselves in front of an attractive and friendly platform

Another thing you can customize with ShapeMySugar : SugarCRM lists, such as contact types, account status, etc... By using graphic icons and visuals, you can guarantee that your collaborators have access to clear and easily understandable information. As a result they can use the data more quickly and efficiently and see a real interest in using SugarCRM. Time savings and optimized work guaranteed

ShapeMySugar is a module that helps you customize your SugarCRM design to meet your expectations and your user needs. With ShapeMySugar, you and your teams take control of your tool to quickly get the most out of it. With ShapeMySugar, your whole user experience is revolutionized

Are you convinced? Then, don't wait any longer and get started!

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