Ah, the possibilities!

At Wolfram we have been using Sugar Professional since 2011. Of all the options we explored at that time, Sugar stood out for two main reasons: an on site deployment option, and the ability to customize the system and integrate it with other database systems in the company. 

Being a technology company at the forefront of innovation Wolfram employees, our Sugar users, are all tech-savvy and they have presented me with no shortage of challenges: from the simpler leveraging of logic hooks to enforce approval processes and notifications, to the generation of css based aesthetically pleasing PDFs for our Quotes and custom Contracts, to custom integrations with systems like LiveChat, and the addition of Iterable dashboards.

The most recent, and exciting, challenge has been the integration of Sugar as the master of our customer data with the new ERP system. This will sound like something quite common until you realize that this is not just any ERP system, it is one built on our own Wolfram Technology:"We’re Building Our Own ERP System: Ten Game-Changing Insights We Discovered along the Way

The resulting project is opening the way to leveraging the power of the Wolfram technology stack within the Sugar platform with the potential to access visualizations, Wolfram Language tools for Data Science and Natural Language Understanding, and more. A team of talented Wolfram developers is working hard, under the guidance of Daniel Bigham, to bring this project to life. And while my contributions to the project are really quite minimal, it is exciting for me to learn more about all that Wolfram Technology has to offer not only to science, but also to business systems.