SugarOutfitters: July Roundup

July Roundup

More Listings & More Features

Last month we shared the 38+ new listings published to SugarOutfitters over the last few months along with Search and Navigation improvements. For July, the published listing count continues to grow with these below new integrations and add-ons. Listings and marketplace enhancements are unveiled and announced weekly, so stay tuned!

Published Add-Ons 

Browse these listings published in the month of July.

Account Based Marketing:

Triblio for Sugar: Accelerate pipeline by focusing your sales and marketing teams on decision-stage accounts with predictive intent signals from Triblio and Bombora


Ringover: Boost productivity and save time by synchronizing all call data plus make unlimited calls 

Add-On Features:

Upsert Preference Enforcer: Customize and uphold your user settings by enforcing specific configurations and controls

NBL Mass Task Creator: save time and manage resources efficiently by creating tasks for multiple records at once

Upsert Trash Bin: Restore deleted records and relationships without assistance from developers 

Add-Ons Updated:

Several popular add-ons from Faye are now available for 30-day free trial and purchase directly thru SugarOutfitters. These updated Faye listings include Country/State Dropdowns, Fuzzy Search, Utilization Monitor for SugarCRM, and Address Autocomplete. More sales Faye listings to come!


Curated Collections

We now have a way to create and share curated Add-on selections as an additional filter option on the add-on catalogue. For example, this will allow us to create industry-specific collections for Manufacturing, Financial Services, etc.

Thumbnail Sized Logos for Add-Ons & More Relevant Search

Smaller sized logo images makes browsing the add-on catalogue faster, especially on mobile devices or in locations where network connectivity is slow. 

And we have tuned the outfitters search to return fewer relevant add-ons as search results.