SugarOutfitters Sets the Pace with New Add-Ons, Features

SugarOutfitters is the one-stop shop to get everything you need to extend the value of your Sugar platform and investment. In December 2021, SugarCRM acquired SugarOutfitters to become the sole marketplace for Sugar Add-Ons. As the official marketplace for SugarCRM, we provide a vast and curated selection of top-notch gear from big brands to the small and undiscovered software providers.

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New Add-Ons, Every Week, Every Month

SugarOutfitters, the SugarCRM marketplace, has been growing fast. Since we launched the new website in late February, we have been overwhelmed by the response of our partner community. In the last 3 months, we have published 38 New Add-Ons including dozens of integrations to market-leading vendors like Shopify, HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk, and RingCentral.

We have a full breadth of solutions that can extend Sugar’s capabilities in new and exciting ways. Marketing teams can incorporate and automate direct mail sends (brochures, swag, and other materials that go through postal mail) into their Sugar marketing campaigns using Xpressdocs. Sales teams can be guided to have better sales conversations and update Sugar directly from within Zoom using Gondola and accelerate the quote to close process using DealHub. And SugarCRM can be extended to support field service and field sales using the Mobileforce CX suite of FSM, CPQ, and CX Portal

You can browse the full list of newly published Add-Ons at the bottom of this post.

Marketplace Search & Navigation Improvements

With new Add-Ons being published on a weekly basis, we are also coming up with new ways to make it easier for you to search and navigate thru the SugarOutfitters catalog so you can find the Add-Ons you need faster. 

We have recently added typeahead support to all the search bars across SugarOutfitters.


We also recently added faceted search, filtering, and sorting to the Add-On catalog.

 Faceted Search & FilteringNew Sorting Options

More Add-On Listing Options

For those who have known SugarOutfitters for years, it used to be that all solutions published on SugarOutfitters had to be purchased thru SugarOutfitters. However, this was limiting for software vendors that sell their products thru their own websites. 

Now SugarOutfitters supports Referral Listings which allows companies to publish Add-On solutions that are purchased or acquired directly from the 3rd party Add-On developer. After a user clicks “Get It Now” they will be directed to a 3rd party website to continue the purchase process. SugarOutfitters can also automatically share your contact information with the developer so they can follow up on your interest.

What’s Happening Next?

We have built a big pipeline of new Add-On solutions from our top partners and market-leading software vendors – including industry templates. Check back on SugarOutfitters often as the catalog grows every week.

We are working on updating the SugarOutfitters homepage to get you looking at Add-Ons that you need faster.

We will eliminate the extra SugarOutfitters website log-in by allowing single sign-on using your SugarCRM Portal login (the same way you login to SugarClub) to access your marketplace account. This will also make it easier for customer and partner organizations to share and control access to their marketplace account information.

And finally, we will also build an expanded Add-On certification program to help customers identify the best of the best and allow our top Add-Ons to stand out from the rest.

Published Add-Ons in Last 3 Months

Browse below the set of newly published Add-Ons organized by category.

Add-On Features

  1. Account Hierarchy Add-on (Sweet Hierarchy): The most popular add-on in Sugar’s Demo environment, this add-on provides a visualization for a global company and its subsidiaries
  2. Web Form Integrator by Faye: Allows any web form to be connected with SugarCRM to eliminate manual data entry
  3. Address Validator by Faye: Auto-complete and validate addresses to ensure accurate reporting and reduce manual data entry
  4. Utilization Monitor by Faye: Improve CRM adoption by monitoring SugarCRM user usage to identify adoption issues and rep coaching opportunities.
  5. Sugar Mobile e by Faye: Expand your SugarCRM Mobile App capabilities to map and plan your daily field sales activities
  6. Upsert Notifications: Expand the power of existing Sugar notifications to receive on-time updates in the form of your choosing
  7. ColorCode by Rolustech: Choose from a larger selection of colors to customize your SugarCRM calendar for added organizing flexibility and personal preference.
  8. Upsert Masked Textfield: Conceal sensitive information from view until the user chooses to expose the values.
  9. Country/State Dropdowns by Faye: Standardize data entry to provide dropdown options for country/state/province/territory to improve data quality and reporting
  10. Pretty URL by Faye: Simplify and create more meaningful URLs with custom names to reduce the length and improve clarity
  11. Fuzzy Search by Faye: Improve Sugar’s native search engine by incorporating wildcards in your searches to help you locate the term(s) in mind.
  12. NBL IP Restrictor: Prevent unauthorized access to critical CRM data by restricting user logins based on the IP address being used.
  13. Consolidated Activity Report by Faye: Access and view all of your sales, customer communications and details in one location.
  14. Splash CRM Gamification by Faye: Boost revenue and employee management by creating game-like mechanics to capture user attention, drive adoption and increase productivity.
  15. Sales History Dashlet for Sugar by Faye: Quickly access critical account sales history information you need most to propel your productivity and sales goals.
  16. Upsert BPM Essentials: Provides additional SugarBPM features for more powerful process management.
  17. Upsert Lens: Empower IT administrators to search, monitor, and adjust backend SugarCRM configurations.

Sales Acceleration Add-Ons

  1. Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Prospect more effectively by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Sugar Sell and Sugar Enterprise
  2. Sugar Integrate for Salesloft: A Sugar Integrate template to accelerate sales engagement through a tight integration with Salesloft cadence activities and Sugar leads and contacts.
  3. Gondola: Update your SugarCRM records right from your customer call, transforming your sales process and enabling team growth.

Marketing Add-Ons

  1. Xpressdocs: A Sugar Integrate template for incorporating and automating direct mail sends from Xpressdocs into marketing campaigns from Sugar.
  2. Sugar Integrate for Hubspot: Creates a closed-loop between marketing and sales by merging lead and account information.
  3. Faye Integration for Sugar & HubSpot: Creates a bidirectional sync that offers the flexibility to produce and analyze your most dynamic campaigns and keep your records clean and up-to-date.
  4. Sugar Integrate for Marketo: Bridge the gap between marketing and sales for better lead handling and more effective conversions.

Financial, CPQ & eCommerce Add-Ons

  1. Sugar Integrate for Shopify: A Sugar Integrate template to unlock customer purchase insights by consolidating Shopify e-commerce order information into Sugar.
  2. Sugar Integrate for Quickbooks Online: Expands the quote to cash process to give visibility to customer financial history.
  3. Mobileforce CX CPQ: Automate manual quoting processes for accelerated quote-to-close times.
  4. Sugar Integrate for DealHub: Close deals faster with guided selling with superior buyer experience.

Productivity Add-Ons

  1. Sugar Slack Integration: collaborate and connect with team members across your organization to increase collaboration, productivity, and organization.
  2. Dropbox Integration for Sugar: Combine the freedom and control of Dropbox from inside your SugarCRM, allowing you to share and connect files without restraint.
  3. Faye Integration for Sugar & Box: A simple, scalable, and affordable solution to manage documents, media, and all your content online.
  4. Faye Integration for Sugar & Jira: Gives users the ability to monitor and track Jira issues from within SugarCRM.

Customer Service Add-Ons

  1. Sugar Integrate for Zendesk: Synchronize account and contact information to monitor customer health and satisfaction.
  2. Mobileforce CX Portal: Create branded, personalized digital experiences for customers and partners to provide controlled access to the right SugarCRM data and content at their fingertips.

Communications Add-Ons

  1. RingCentral for SugarCRM by RingCentral: Let the platform log your calls! Supports click-to-call, screen pops, and automated calling logging.
  2. RingCentral Integration for Sugar by Faye: Automatically match incoming calls with existing customer information to display relevant details instantly.

Field Service & Scheduling Add-Ons

  1. Mobileforce CX FSM: Streamline field service operations, enabling increased service capacity, improved first-time fix rates, reduced costs, and happier customers.
  2. Acuity Scheduling: A Sugar Integrate template for easy appointment booking with prospects and customers. Appointments booked using Acuity are synchronized with Sugar Meetings.