The Scoop Q2 2024: Making Work Easier

Since our last Scoop update, we’ve been working on making the Sugar platform even easier to use. We’re excited to show you what’s in store in our Q2 2024 Market, Sell, and Serve release.

Resubscribing Contacts in Sugar Market

If some of your unsubscribed contacts want to receive email communications from you again, it’s now easier than ever to have them resubscribe by removing them from the guarded watch list. With the Q2 2024 update, you can easily re-engage with your contacts by selecting “Resubscribe” in their contact card in Market. The contact will then receive an email to confirm their subscription preferences, so they never miss an important email from you again.

See how resubscribing contacts in Market works in the video below.

Role-Specific Report and Dashboard Templates

In this release, we’ve added report and dashboard templates for Sell and Serve users as a quick starting point for accessing relevant insights from their Sugar data. Use one of the six dashboards that best fits your job description (sales manager, customer success, etc.), or the dozens of new report templates as-is or make a copy to edit them to meet your unique requirements. These new templates accelerate new user adoption and help your business achieve fast time to value.

Quotes Comment Log

With the Q2 2024 release, we wanted to enable users to manage quotes more efficiently. With that in mind, we’ve included the comment log in the Quotes module to streamline how users track updates and ensure a clear record of internal communications related to a quote. A new scroll bar further improves usability.

Self-Service Center Theme Configuration

In this release, we’re also introducing more ways to customize the Self-Service Center, including icons, colors, background images, URL, and favicon to tailor the customer support experience to reflect our customers’ brand identity.

Lastly, the Q2 2024 release includes more List View filters, such as Before Today and After Today, and a Predict dashlet in the Focus Drawer.

Watch the video below to see these new additions and updates in action.

Closing Thoughts

The Q2 release brings more ways to enable our customers to work faster and smarter using the Sugar platform, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them out. Make sure to review the April 2024 page in Release Central for more details about this update!