Save the Date for Release Week

 Release Week returns the first week of August! So, turn on notifications for or bookmark the Release Week group and mark your calendars. You can expect the Release Week group to house all the quarterly product release information in one place, such as product enhancements, new capabilities, and more.

One of our more exciting updates coming in the Q3 2022 (12.1) product release this month is an enhanced user interface on the Reports module in Sugar Sell, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Serve. Through Voice of the Customer surveys, third-party peer review sites, and more, we heard your feedback asking for updates to the Reports module. And we've listened!

In the July release, you'll notice some cosmetic updates to the Reports interface that will not only provide a new modern look and feel, but also improved visibility, allowing you to see the most relevant data in the way you wish to see by leveraging our enhanced interactive filters.

We hope you're as excited as us for Release Week!

  • When is the 12.1 being deployed?  We would like to prepare way in advance of the one week lead time Sugar Provides.

  • - As you pointed out, we give a 7-day warning before the first upgrades start. We announced this release two days ago, so we'll begin to have it deployed across the SugarCloud environment next week. Customers are also welcome to request an upgrade ahead of waiting for a scheduled window should they desire. 

    However, per the SugarCloud Upgrade Policies: "We will automatically schedule your instance upgrade within 30 days of a major release. ... If the proposed upgrade date and time are not amenable to your business needs, you may request an alternative day that occurs no later than two months from the release date. Upgrade extensions must be requested by opening a support case."

    I see that you already created a case checking on this with our Support team, but we'll work with you for the specific needs of your business to have your upgrade scheduled appropriately!