How to Prepare For Next Year’s Customer Breakthrough Awards

We're so close to announcing our Customer Breakthrough Award winners for 2022! Keep your eyes on this space tomorrow.

In the meantime, did you miss this year’s 2022 Customer Breakthrough Award nominations? Do you want to learn how to prepare for next year? It’s never too early to start! We’ve gathered some of the most important points to help you begin creating a strong submission.  

  • Stay up to date on our Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ll announce the 2023 opening dates or any exciting news on our social media sites. This is also a great way to get exciting news on this year’s winners and see how their stories develop throughout the year.  
  • There are so many different categories, which one are you choosing? To start creating an idea for next year’s submission, it's important to take a deep dive into the customer award categories to find the perfect fit for your story. Take the time to consider your company’s strengths and which stories you can tell. 
  • Everyone loves a good story and telling one increases your chances of being selected. Make a strong case by developing a clear and captivating story. Paint a picture by telling us the company's landscape before adapting SugarCRM. Share the details of the challenges you faced, choosing a solution, the joy of using a platform that helps support your initiatives and goals, and the business achievement that's come with it. 
  • Start paying attention to measurable business impacts throughout the year. We love any measurable KPIs that can clearly demonstrate a return on investment with Sugar. If you don’t have these numbers just yet, it might be a good time to start tracking now!  
  • Brush up on the FAQs. There’s always a few rules and regulations to any competition, take a look over our frequently asked questions to help you prepare for next year.  

Now let's officially start the countdown to announcing our 2022 victors...