Sugar Mobile IOS Bug - SSO

Hi guys,

Actually we have diferents instances with the same configuration SugarCRM (Enterprise V11.0), we have deployed SSO - Azure in all the instances and the users can do the conection whithout problem. When we try to connect SugarCRM Mobile application IOS - V 58 with instance production  we have a layout problem (With Android we don't have the problem), an error message and even the version of the aplication changes automaticaly (See the images) but the weired thing is that work in all the other instances. How can i resolve this problem?

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  • This video works indeed

    What I see in your case:

    when you tap 'Login' button Child Browser window is opened. In correct flow your login provider is opened inside this window and after successfull login you're redirected  back to your native app. But in your case then system shows some alert message and then redirects you to {yourSugarInstance}/mobile code. Which is basically not your native app but a mobile view code which is very outdated and no longer maintained. Thats why you see version number change

    Bottom line is: redirect flow is broken in your system for some reason

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