One-to-Many Relationship type is not showing in Studio

I am working in Sugarcrm 7.8 I am trying to create a relationship between contacts and my custom module example myorder but its not showing in type field when I select my custome module in `Related Module' 

I couldnt able to find any doc which explains such situation. How i can make a one-to-one relationship through studio when its not showingup. I really dont like to create through code as it breaks operations while we try to retrive report. If i work through studio its fine.

Any how i tried creating the follwing files to see if it shows any relationship.


But it creates a new relationship via code.

Has anyone been able to achieve anything similar?

  • After some deep research found that, In my custom module i should have explained the relationship between the modules.

    After creating the follwoing file. I could able to see the relationships.


    **Content: subpanels.php**

    array (
            'layout' => 'subpanel',
            'context' => array (
                   'link' => 'mycustommodule_contacts',

    **Content: vardefs.php**

    'mycustommodule_contacts' => array(
             'name' => 'mycustommodule_contacts',
             'type' => 'link',
             'relationship' => 'contacts_mycustommodule',
             'module' => 'Contacts',
             'bean_name' => 'Contact',
             'source' => 'non-db',
             'vname' => 'LBL_MYCUSTOMMODULE_CONTACTS_LINK',

    After **Repair & Rebuild**. It works as expected. Hope it helps someone.!